August Transitions and New Beginnings

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I have always enjoyed August. To me it is a month for transitions and new beginnings. I grew up in Maine and every year at the start of this month, the temperature seemed to change ‘overnight’ and I had to wear jeans and put away my shorts. Combined with the start of the school year, August is also a transition away from summer and into fall. August transitions extend beyond the weather and into new schools, new friends, new jobs and settling into new routines.

For this August, to help you with whatever transition you are going through, I am introducing a new herbal blend, two new tea blends and a new coffee blend to help you settle into a new routine with a new favorite beverage. I hope you enjoy learning the stories behind them and add them to your cupboard.

First up is our Yaupon. Yaupon is the only naturally caffeinated plant native to North America and grows mostly in the south. In 1542, Spanish explorers recorded different tribes along the Texas coast consuming a ‘black drink’ that came from a ‘tree.’ By the early 1700s British Herbalists were extoling the virtues of the drink to their European friends. Yaupon is most likely one of the plants the “Swamp Fox”, Francis Marion, and his army consumed as they evaded the British Army through South Carolina swamps during the Revolutionary War. The taste of Yaupon is naturally sweet and smooth, with complex, subtly roasted, and earthy tones. It’s a perfect balance, hot or iced, and tastes like a traditional black tea.

Next is our Caravan blend. In the late 1600’s the Chinese and the Russian Empires began trade routes over the vast distances of the Siberian Steppe. These trade routes took over a year to traverse and had bitter weather conditions. The camels were kept near the camp fires at night and the tea they carried absorbed the smoke; creating a rich, strong and smoky tea. Taking a page from these travelers, our Caravan blend re-imagines what it must have been like for the explorers and pioneers of the Early American frontier and how the smoke from their campfires covered all of their possessions including the tea they carried with them. Our Caravan black tea blend has a beautiful deep copper color and has the classic rich body, is a strong blend with a smoky taste.

We are also happy to bring to our website our Lavender black tea blend. You may have already discovered this blend at one of the historic sites or gourmet food stores that carry our products. Lavender is a flowering plant in the mint family and is native to the Mediterranean coast. We take dried lavender buds and blend them with a black tea base to create a wonderful aromatic floral blend with a touch of natural sweetness. Some people claim lavender has a variety of health benefits such as improving sleep or reducing inflammation. I won’t make any of those claims but will tell you this makes a great afternoon cup of tea.

Finally, for something fun, we are bringing our Morning Mud Breakfast Blend coffee to our ecommerce site. In addition to the name, which is an instant classic, our Morning Mud coffee tastes of milk chocolate, caramel and nut flavors. It is a medium roast with a medium acidity, medium body and average sweetness. A great coffee to start the day or to enjoy with your favorite evening treat.

I hope you enjoy all of these new blends and your August transition is a smooth one! Tell me your what you think of them at

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