Fruit Tea Collection

Fruit Tea Collection


 Fruit Tea Collection:

Inspired by the tastes and aromas of a Southern fruit orchard, our fruit tea collection is the perfect gift for that fan of summer!

Description:  Apricot tea has naturally sweet orange pekoe black tea leaves that serve as the base for this tart, refreshing blend. Real blackberry leaves give this black tea blend a distinctive sharp, wild flavor. Aromatic key lime green tea is brewed at a low temperature to bring out the subtle sweetness of cornflower blossoms and green tea. Mango pairs well with the dark tones of black tea for this delectable black tea blend. Piquant flavors of passionfruit, peach, and citrus blossoms create a complex and fruity black tea infusion. May be served hot or iced. 

 Ingredients: Black Tea Leaves, Marigold Blossoms, Apricot Flavoring, Blackberry Leaves, Blackberry Flavoring, Green Tea Leaves, Cornflowers, Key Lime Flavoring, Mango Flavoring, Orange Blossoms, Safflower, Elderberry Flower Pollen, Passionfruit Peach Flavoring

Size/ Type: (5) glass tubes filled with approximately 9-15 ounces loose tea. (1) Apricot, (1) Blackberry, (1) Key Lime, (1) Mango, (1) Passionfruit Peach

Shelf Life: 3 Years

 Hand packaged by Oliver Pluff & Co in Charleston, South Carolina