Red Tea

Rooibos is enjoying the limelight as a healthy, caffeine-free tea alternative which is similar in taste and color to tea. The word rooibos means "redbush" in Afrikans, a naturally growing plant found in the deserts of South Africa.  For some reason, it will only grow in South Africa, and nowhere else on earth.  Scientists note that there is no nitrogen in the soils of South Africa, so this may hold a clue.  Regardless, South Africans farm and export rooibos to the rest of the world, and the demand continues to rise, for its antioxidants, natural sweetness, and its natural caffeine-free finished product with no processing to eliminate the caffeine. In the South, we call it "Red Tea", and it is growing in popularity among health-conscious tea drinkers. It serves as a base for many caffeine-free herbal tea blends. Rooibos produces an infusion of rose-colored liquors with an earthy, cinnamon-like flavor. Enjoy it hot or cold.