Sample Pack of 4 Perfect Pots of Coffee - out of stock

Sample Pack of 4 Perfect Pots of Coffee - out of stock


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INTRODUCING: A sample of four of Oliver Pluff & Company’s favorite coffees in convenient perfect pot size!   

Each packet of fresh roasted ground coffee is packaged in a 1.5 oz metal foil perfect for brewing an 8 -12 cup pot of coffee!

The blends:

Perfect Pot of Colonial Blend Ground Coffee – in copper foil

Contents: 1.5 oz freshly roasted ground coffee bean blend from the East Indies (Sumatra), and West Indies (Jamaica).   

Colonial Blend Coffee History:  In colonial times, coffee had strong competition from wines, liquors, and imported teas. Consequently, coffee was not widely consumed among colonists until their agitation against King George arose due to the fateful tea tax, which is undoubtedly responsible for America becoming a nation of coffee drinkers instead of tea drinkers. Coffee was supplied to the American colonies by trade from the East Indies (Sumatra), and the West Indies (islands of Haiti and Jamaica).

Tasting Notes:  There is a beautiful aroma or "nose" to the fresh roast authentic Colonial Blend. Colonial Blend Coffee is a balanced blend, with fruity notes balanced by richer Sumatran black coffee flavors..


Perfect Pot of Green Dragon Blend Coffee – black foil* 

Contents: 1.5 oz Freshly roasted and ground coffee beans - East Indies blend: Sumatra and Java

History:  The Green Dragon Tavern - Boston, 1697. Coffee imports were sourced from the East Indies during this era. The Green Dragon Tavern was the most celebrated of coffee houses in Boston. It stood in the heart of the town from 1697 to 1832, providing newspapers and a kind of privacy for business dealings to its men-only clientele. Here they could gather to freely discuss the news of the day over coffee and tea. The basement tavern was used by several secret groups and became known by historians as the "Headquarters of the Revolution". The Sons of Liberty, Boston Committee of Correspondence and the Boston Caucus each met there. The Boston Tea Party was planned there and Paul Revere was sent from there to Lexington on his famous ride. In January 1788, a meeting of the mechanics and artisans of Boston passed a series of resolutions urging the importance of adopting the Federal Constitution pending at the time before a convention of delegates from around Massachusetts. The building was demolished in 1854.

Tasting Notes: Full to medium roast. Heavy body, earth tones with low acidity

Perfect Pot of Bourbon Vanilla Ground Coffee - in white foil*

Contents: 5oz roasted ground Colombian Supremo coffee beans, bourbon vanilla flavoring

Roast Date: Always freshly roasted at the time of your order

Description: Colombian beans yield a bold brew that serves as a rich coffee base for a wide variety of flavored coffee blends

Perfect Pot of Southern Pecan Ground Coffee - in green foil*

Contents: 5oz roasted ground Colombian Supremo coffee beans, southern pecan flavoring. 

Description: Colombian beans yield a bold brew that serves as a rich coffee base for a a delicious buttery southern pecan flavoring.


Please note the perfect pots only come in Ground Coffee

The four perfect pots packets come in a custom 6” x 10” muslin bag

* Color foil while supplies last.  May arrive in Copper foil due to international supply shortage