All Iced Tea

Grown on single-estate tea plantations, Oliver Pluff & Co. is improving on Southern tradition with a line of gourmet Southern iced teas that are selected for their natural sweetness. Our leaves have a bold and fruity flavor. Sweet peach and tart raspberry are the perfect complement, but Southern Style is our best seller. Our iced teas are sugar-free, but most of us in Charleston will stir in a little cane sugar as a sweetener. 

Iced tea brewing tips

Brewing tips: Add teabag to pitcher. Fill a pot with 1 quart of cold,
clean spring water and bring to boil. Pour water over teabag. Steep
tea 7 to 10 minutes, then remove teabag. While hot, stir in up to 2/3 cup
sugar. Add 3 quarts cold clean spring water. Pour immediately
over ice for a satisfying blend of hot and cold.