Whiskey Rebellion

Award-winning Whiskey Rebellion Tea Blend

In the summer of 1794, President George Washington called out 12,950 militia to subdue violent protests by so called 'Whiskey Rebels' in Western Pennsylvania. The Rebels were farmers and whiskey distillers protesting taxes imposed on distilled spirits. The call out of the militia dispersed most of the protesters, and secured the new government's authority. 

In an interesting piece of history, after he left his Presidency, Washington built one of the largest distilleries in the United States.

We briefly aged this small batch tea in a whiskey barrel to infuse it with the aromas and flavor of a bourbon to remember events from our country's early history. Whiskey Rebellion has garnered accolades for its unique taste and historical significance. Immerse yourself in the rich, robust flavors that harken back to an era of resilience and the pursuit of something truly exceptional.

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