Colonial Blend Coffee - 1 Lb

Colonial Blend Coffee - 1 Lb


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Colonial Blend Coffee- 1lb Ground

Contents: Roasted coffee bean blend from the East Indies (Sumatra), and West Indies (Jamaica).  

History:  In colonial times, coffee had strong competition from wines, liquors, and imported teas. Consequently, coffee was not widely consumed among colonists until their agitation against King George arose due to the fateful tea tax, which is undoubtedly responsible for America becoming a nation of coffee drinkers instead of tea drinkers. Coffee was supplied to the American colonies by trade from the East Indies (Sumatra), and the West Indies (islands of Haiti and Jamaica).

Tasting Notes:  There is an aroma or "nose" to the fresh roast authentic Colonial Blend. Colonial Blend Coffee is a balanced blend, with fruity notes balanced by richer Sumatran black coffee flavors.

Delivery:  Please allow an extra 2-3 days time for roasting prior to shipment.