No. 4 Chamomile Tea | Oliver Pluff & Company

No. 4 Chamomile Tea | Oliver Pluff & Company


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Chamomile - 20 Teabags 

Calms Nervous Affections (For Occasional Stress Relief*)

Description: The colonists steeped the dried flowers of chamomile as a tea for its gentle, soothing effects, and as a rinse for blond hair.  “Camomile flowers, boiled in lye, are a good wash to the head, and comfort both it and the brain.”  The English Physitian (1652) - N. Culpeper.  Chamomile was consumed during the Revolution as a patriotic alternative to paying the British tea tax. Tasting of fresh apples, chamomile is a fragrant, caffeine-free tea.

* Please be advised: You should consult with your doctor before making dietary changes. Pregnancy and Lactation: Do not use without the advice of your doctor.

Ingredients:  Chamomile blossoms

Size/Type: 20 teabags sealed in matte black signature tea tin

Shelf Life: 3 Years

Hand-packaged by Oliver Pluff & Co. in Charleston, South Carolina.