250th Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party Young Hyson Teabags Commemorative Tin

250th Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party Young Hyson Teabags Commemorative Tin


250th Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party Young Hyson - 20 Teabags in Commemorative Tea Tin

As we celebrate the remarkable 250th Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, we reflect upon the pivotal event that shaped the course of American history and reverberates through time. In 1773, a courageous group of colonists, disenchanted by unjust taxation and determined to assert their autonomy, took a bold stand against British oppression. Led by a spirit of unity and resilience, they defiantly boarded British ships laden with precious tea and symbolically cast the cargo into the waters of Boston Harbor.

This audacious act of protest, known as the Boston Tea Party, ignited the flames of revolution and ignited the fervor of a young nation's fight for liberty. Oliver Pluff, a historical tea company rooted in this rich legacy, commemorates this milestone by honoring the indomitable spirit of those who dared to challenge the status quo, reminding us that every cup of tea holds within it the essence of freedom, courage, and the pursuit of justice.

Description:  Green tea. Made from young leaves that are thinly rolled to have a long, twisted appearance that unfurls when brewed.  

Notes:  Full-bodied, warm, plum-like tones, spring-like in flavor.  Young Hyson (picked in spring) is considered a higher quality tea than Hyson.  

History:  Some believe it to have been named after an English tea merchant, Phillip Hyson.  Hyson and Young Hyson tea were highly prized by the colonial Americans and tax on hyson was higher than for other teas.  During the Boston Tea Party there were 70 chests of Hyson destroyed.  

Ingredients: Green tea leaves

Size/Type: 20 pyramid style teabags sealed in black commemorative tea tin. Teabag material is non-GMO, all natural, plant based product that is fully biodegradable. 

Shelf Life: 3 Years

Hand Packaged by Oliver Pluff & Co. in Charleston, South Carolina